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wearechosen's Journal

We Are Chosen: A Buffy Season 7 Game
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Darkness is rising in Sunnydale. Across the world, girls are dying, and Buffy is being troubled by dreams of their murders. Faith, repenting for her sins in an LA jail, is nearly killed by a blind assassin. She breaks out and heads for the place where she knows evil has its true home - Sunnydale. Willow mourns the loss of Tara and feels great guilt for what she did a few months ago. Xander and Anya are still trying to piece together their lives. Dawn is preparing to go to high school. And in the basement of that school, a crazed Spike is haunted by visions of his past...

This is a Season 7 game. Contact rachel2205 if you would like to join, or to discuss anything. My deputy is the lovely aladriana.

Our lovely header is by killmebecomeme on btvsats_layouts.

Current situation

Faith has arrived back in Sunnydale to a lukewarm reception. There's a potential slayer in town, and she has a similar story to Faith's to tell. It features blind men and attempted murder. Dawn's started high school, and in the basement of that high school Spike has been huddled, crazed by what's down there and what's in his heart. Buffy has just discovered he has a soul. Willow has returned from exile, and Xander's just getting by. Meanwhile, there's a new evil in town, Caleb, and he's out to cause trouble...


Canon: Scoobies

Buffy is played by slayful_buffy

Spike is played by sired1880spike

Willow is played by simply_a_witch

Dawn is played by __dawn

Faith is played by faithinherself

Xander is played by lack_of_cool

Giles is played by oh_dear

Anya is played by xx__anya__xx

Canon: Big Bads

Caleb is played by firsts_chosen_1

The First is played by _i_am_sin_

Original: Potential Slayers

Becca is played by beccawhite

Rhia is played by rhia_talbot

Other Buffy Season 7 characters are open. Original potentials are accepted.