Maria De Luca (margarita_salt) wrote in wearechosen,
Maria De Luca

New Year, Old Troubles

It came faster than anyone ever expected, or anyone hoped it ever would. The people that once had to suffer the trauma of being there have now had their old wounds suddenly opened... High School. I crossed my arms as I paced the living room, having my hand grasped around my cell phone. She'd have to call, why wouldn't she call? Unless of course our little training day has left her thinking she is merely unstoppable which really wouldn't surprise me. I opened up the phone as I couldn't help but think calling Dawn was the only way of knowing she was alright. I had initially wanted to check things out before touring the school after sunset but was quickly shunned away by my own teenage sister. I took a deep breath before closing the phone, if anything out of the ordinary was to happen I know she would call.. Who else was going to save her for the millionth time. As if school wasn't enough for her to worry about it's just the extra hellmouth part of it that makes it just that much worse for her.

This whole school thing was really starting to tear at me, plus Xander hasn't really helped me in the easing department. With hardly any vague details, more like a full on play by play of how the school works, plays and stays just really isn't enough for more. I knew I should of just went inside and checked out everything for myself but not being able to have the opportunity has severely lacked all possibilities. There is also the double shifts at the Double Meat Palace that tends to offer a more than meaningless opportunity of nothing, although it does help with the more than occasional abrupt nightly patrol. I couldn't help but glance up at the clock one more time but slightly sighing as only a few minutes had passed, who knew school lasted so long. In fact school in itself was like a full time job without the pay just the pesky educational part of it all.

Worry, it seems to be the emotion of my whole entire week and it's vastly approaching for someone else as well. Willow herself was soon to comeback from England. I'm more than happy to have her back but the feeling of it all being awkward is the hard part. She'd want everything to go back to normal, She'd also want us to not treat her any differently. The only problem is, things are different, she will be different. She had a taste of something horrible and things can't just suddenly go back to the way they were, it's the transition period that she has to go through. Our job however is to make her as comfortable as possible and hope that things don't go all hellmouth wacky too soon.

Her room was left the same way it was left, with the exception of Tara's things in a few boxes. It wasn't my idea to put them away but as I talked to Giles he made things a little more clearer on how things should look when she get's back. I only put away a few things and put them to the side, not knowing how she would be when she got here it would be her decision on how she would like things. I uncrossed my arms as I ran upstairs to my bedroom, I wanted to get out of this house and actually be where I was needed.. Or might be needed. As I ran into my room I headed straight for my closet, I reached out my arms to open the door and as I did a ribbon of mine feel down. I stared at it for a minute. It almost felt like deja vu. I moved in closer before grabbing the ribbon, I narrowed my eyes as things seemed way too familiar.

She ran through the brick street as echoes of footsteps followed quickly behind her. The sounds of nothing but the wind and crickets held only in the background but stretched out the sighs of what was a teenage girl. She was scared, alone and had plaid uniform on with nothing else but a red ribbon in her hair. She screamed for help while searching for the nearest safe haven. A sudden wrong turn left in an alley way as dark figures pulled her there, they showed no mercy but their own. The blade was long covered in markings but the girl quickly turned and stated.. "From Beneath you it devours"

I shook my head as I started to remember another dream. They were all reoccurring with nothing but the same meaning. It was a phrase that had almost a million translations after another and yet even I couldn't find anything in the text that would remotely have any of the answers. From Beneath you it devours, I raised any eyebrow as I grabbed the nearest shirt. Nothing was really making any sense these days, why would my apocalyptic dreams start. I jumped in my clothes as fast as possible before looking at the clock once more...Five more hours and counting...
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