beccawhite (beccawhite) wrote in wearechosen,

It's been a strange few days - although at least there hasn't been any mind-numbing terror, so I guess that's a start.

I took Buffy up on her offer of a place to crash. At the moment I'm sleeping on the sofa. I get a lot of neck cricks, but the knowledge that someone who can wield weapons is in the house is a pretty comforting thought. Of course, I've been trained to handle weapons. A little, anyway. But let's just say that co-ordination is not my middle name. Sometimes I wonder if the whole potential slayer thing is a mistake... But deep down I know it's not, no matter how much I wish it wasn't true.

Buffy looked really down. After a while I found out that her old watcher had probably died. How terrible. I sympathised, having experienced the same thing myself, but I wasn't sure how to tell her. So I just stayed quiet and out of the way as much as possible. Wasn't too hard. Everyone seemed pretty busy. Buffy said she'd think about helping me and Rhia with training, but that hasn't happened yet. I guess she has a lot on her mind.

Such as someone called Spike. Faith came back and said she'd seen Spike and he'd acted "wicked strange". I wasn't meant to overhear, I don't think - particularly since Faith went on to report that a whole bunch of nuns had been murdered - but that's one of the useful things about being quiet and shy. You can melt into the background and find out about stuff. None of it comforting. First, what sort of name is Spike? And what the hell is going on? Is nun-murdering par for the course in Sunnydale, or is this a sign of something worse than usual? I don't know.

Things haven't been all bad, though. I went along to Sunnydale High - it's a really nice brand new building - and registered there. Having school to go to makes me feel more focused. Like I have purpose. Obviously, I had to lie about why I'd moved here, but the school asked surprisingly few questions. I get the impression that Sunnydale schools are used to people joining... and leaving. There are about ten "missing" posters in the hallways already. Great. I'll just try to stay out of people's way, do my homework, and be back at Buffy's before dark. I know, I lead a glamorous life.

Still, at least everyone I've met so far has been nice. Xander in particular. He's gone out of his way to make us feel welcome, which is pretty generous of him, I think. You don't expect a guy to bother with sixteen year olds and care that they're doing ok. But he's been really nice to Rhia and me. And he's quite nice looking, though I guess that shouldn't matter. He's probably too old for me anyway.
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