Rupert Giles (oh_dear) wrote in wearechosen,
Rupert Giles

Robson and other new changes

Something was happening here. And everywhere. The watchers and the "potential" slayers that had been found were being murdered. Murdered. Too tame a term. Butchered, systematically. I've got to get back to Buffy, but I need more information.

I knocked on Robson's door, knowing he had a potential himself. As I knock, the door creaked open. I could see blood. And smell it, that's how much was laying about. The potential was dead, I knew without checking, but Robson. I rushed over, and knelt down.

"It'll be okay, just hang on, I'll get help." He clutched at my hand, and gurgled "It's started". I started to ask him what, when the floor creaked behind me. I turned quickly enough to drive my own dagger quickly into the heart of the murderer. He'd come about a hairs length of taking my head.

I called the aid car, though he was passed out at this time, and waited for them to arrive. While they were saving him, I was able to slip out the door. They'd have questions, and I didn't have the answers. Plus, there were things to do and places to be.

At home, I got the files together I'd "appropriated" from the Council. Names of other girls, plus I had the coven working to find more once I heard the killing was on. Information about the evil, and the same words appeared again, and again "From beneith you it devours".

I had to save as many girls' as I could. They needed to be taken to the safest place possible. Sunnydale.

I didn't have time to sleep, I had to go.

On my way to the first stop, an explosion rocked London. And just like that, the watchers council was no more.
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