William the Bloody (sired1880spike) wrote in wearechosen,
William the Bloody

It had been hot in the desert, hot and dry and I could feel the sun even though I was in the night. The sun constantly waiting, like a predator, to gnaw away my skin and bones and eat me up. Maybe I wanted it. The end, the nothing. Better than the pain. She made me weak, the bitch, first by making me love her, then by dying, then by coming back. I spilt buckets of salt over her. Salt and water. As if I could wash her from my eyes. But I couldn't. And I tried to -

I tried to -

I wanted to be a better man. The kind of man who wouldn't. Not her. Never her. I thought it would be easy. Bring it back, the man, inside me. Grow a conscience. But -

It's in me all the time. The spark. I can feel it burn against my ribs. It sizzles every time I move, and... Yes. The pain. I never thought it would be like this. All these people whispering in my ears, reminding me of what I've done.

I'm back here, where it all began, where she is, but I'm too scared to find her. So I crouch alone in the dark, and listen to the whispers. Feel my cold heart be burnt through with this spark.

I want to rest.

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