lack_of_cool (lack_of_cool) wrote in wearechosen,

Life, or my lack there of

Work seems to be my life at the moment. The new highschool isn't quite finished, so it's a constant source of work. And I do enjoy being the supervisor. Xander in charge, who'd have thought?

But there is still the worries. Something is coming, and it's something bad. And I don't mean Faith, she's already here. We haven't heard anything from Giles for weeks, and to me, that seems strange. He checked in at least once a week. And he said Willow had to come home, but that she wasn't done.

What's that about? I mean, I love Willow and I trust her completely, but part that involves just a little worry. After all, she's been my best friend forever. And I don't want to lose that.

Buffy's been acting just a little odd. She won't say why though. It's worrisome. But then again, would it be life in Sunnydale without worry? Not a chance.

Time to head back to the house, and see what's up.
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