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Considering this had been the worst two weeks like, ever, today was going surprisingly well. Although Rhia was really rich and maybe kind of snobby, I was really pleased I'd met her. It felt nice to have someone around who really understood how scary it was to have people try to kill you. I mean, Faith understood, but considering she had super strength it didn't bother her so much, I would think.

So after having had quite a good night's sleep, Rhia and I went out to breakfast. Another good thing about Rhia? She paid for our food. I swear I have not eaten so much food in months. Normally I just like cornflakes for breakfast, but since all I'd eaten for two weeks seemed to be Twinkies and MacDonald's, I was really happy to eat a big plateful of bacon and pancakes. I'll have some vegetables later, I promise.

We thought we should go over and see Buffy, but then I pointed out that when I'd arrived yesterday, I'd been too early, so probably trying to see her at 9 am wasn't that great a plan. I mean, she probably has a job. I decided to stop by the high school. Quite a nice place. Brand new, I think, and with great facilities. I went to the office to ask about what I'd need to register. Details of my old school, apparently, a parent or guardian's signature on the enrolment form, and a permanent address. That last part could be tricky. I can forge a signature, but I can't give my address as Hotel Sunnydale. I don't expect Buffy to offer me somewhere to live, and although Rhia's been really hospitable, I can hardly expect her to rent a house with me. Maybe I should give up on the idea of graduating this year. I don't know. It's hard. Everything is hard right now.

Rhia looked quite bored as we looked around the school. I'm sure her old alma mater was really posh and old. Course, it could also be because she's with me, and I was wearing a hideous Welcome to Sunnydale T-shirt I'd bought in a gift shop for $5, because my clothes are filthy from two weeks on the road. I look like a big touristy dork, whilst she looks really pretty and classy. She's the kind of girl you can't help looking at, you know? But I don't know why I'm thinking about that.

Later on in the day we decided to head over to Buffy's house.
"Well, if they thought it was weird yesterday when I showed up, imagine what they'll think when I bring you," I said to Rhia. "It's like I'm reproducing." I laughed dorkily. Yeah, I'm so cool.

((Open to anyone at the Summers house, plus Rhia of course))
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