William the Bloody (sired1880spike) wrote in wearechosen,
William the Bloody

After Buffy left, I felt calmer. I understood that she had to go. A lot going on, I reckon. Can sense it in her. And I can sense it around me. Things rising.

From beneath you it devours.

But those words don't clang such a death toll in the pit of me now. No; I feel stronger. I wept weakly and cravenly and she was there, and I felt... stronger. More like me. Not all the way yet. Got a long road to travel, but... She gives me strength. She told me she saw me, and she didn't run away. What can frighten me truly when there are words like that?

I looked around my ruined crypt. All burned down. I understood why I did it, though I perhaps should've had some foresight and worked out a new home for myself before I went and burned the ruddy place down. Not that it'd be the worst place I'd ever slept in. Still, it might be time for me to think about pitching up somewhere else. It'd do for tonight. The roof was made of stone, after all, so that hadn't come down. I wouldn't burst into flames. Tomorrow night, though, I'd have to think. It was sort of nice to be thinking about making plans instead of just... feeling.

I went out into the night. Walked for a long time. I can still feel the spark in me. Sort of like having a heartbeat. I wish my heart beat. It'd just be nice to have that thump keeping me company in the dark. It's strange to have a body so silent, I think. Never really thought much about it before. But then, I've thought about a lot of new things in the last few months.

I walked to the outskirt of town when I smelt it. Blood on the air. Blood mingled with the smell of magnolia blossoms. The blooms glowed under the moonlight, poking through the gate of a Mission. I pushed it open and stepped inside.

Bodies. Everywhere. Some were old women, others barely more than girls. Their habits were stained with blood. My hunger rose, and I hated myself for it. I stared at their bodies for a long time.

((Open - to someone on patrol/Caleb/anyone who can possibly be in the area!))
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