Rupert Giles (oh_dear) wrote in wearechosen,
Rupert Giles

What happens now...

Willow's vision has been bothering me since she left. "From beneith you it devours". The hell-mouth is going to open, and all number of nasty things will be heading out. I know some of the potential slayers have found their way to Buffy's house. What I haven't told her yet, is that they're dying.

We've lost a goodly number of the potientals that had been found, and had watchers. Not to mention the countless others that we can't begin to know about, that have yet to be identified. I tried to talk to the council. The bloody gits wouldn't give me the paperwork I needed. Had to go through "red-tape" they said. I say Bull. They have information and are too afraid to share it.

I'm afraid my past got the better of me though, and I was able to get in, and find the specific information on the Hellmouth I thought Buffy would need. But first, I have a job to do. I need to find out how the girls here are, and help if I can. Here in England alone, we have at least four girls', already assigned to watchers.

We've had one in Istanbul die, and another in Germany. I don't know how many other's will have to suffer. So all I can do is try.

I put in a call to Robeson today. He said to visit, that he had information, so that's the plan for this evening. I hope he knows more than I do.

I hope we find an answer. Or more girls' will die. Dear lord, Buffy will die. Again.
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