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Something Wicked This Way Comes

It was dark beneath the thick trees that surrounded the highway. The branches intertwining overhead until the moon itself was blotted out of sight. The old truck rambled on down the road like a faithful dog following his master's scent. The priest leaned back in the seat, letting the cool breeze blow on his face coolling the religious fever that was burning in his soul. He flexed his fingers on the steering wheel feeling the old plastic creak under his power. He could still feel the joy of joining with his master tingling all over. "I do so love you," he said into the darkness. "I was lost until I found you. Now, I'll bring others to you, and the truth shall set them free."

His dark eyes flickered over the knife on the front seat of the truck, the shining blade catching the dim light from the radio with every bounce. The blade was stained with Shannon's blood, and would have to be replaced when he got the chance. Caleb turned the stereo up louder, hearing the First's words in the static that came from between the ocassional station that could be heard coming up the back roads to Sunndale. Her words guided him, and he slowed down. He flicked a button on the old AM, and heard a voice clear as day telling him he had arrived even before he saw the Welcome to Sunnydale sign.

"Honey," he said to the clouds over head. "I'm home." He drove through town, past Sunnydale High School, the call of the Hellmouth, and through the neighborhood after neighborhood until he came to the old Sunnydale Mission*. He licked his lips as he climbed out of the truck with a large machete in hand. The First had told him this was the place to make his first statement. Nothing like a little destruction of sacred property to brighten his day. The best part? There was a convent school attacked full of novice nuns just waiting for his call. "Wonder if any of them are Potentials?" he said laughing to himself, as he blasted open the Mission's door with the First's power.

((*Most towns in California have old missions built by the Spanish when they owned the lands. Pretending Sunnydale has one too))
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