Willow (simply_a_witch) wrote in wearechosen,

I glanced nervously at the watch on my wrist once again, it showed I had been waiting in the pickup area at the airport for close to forty-five minutes. I really did not have the courage to call and have someone on the other end pickup and tell me something I did not wish to hear.

Waiting five more minutes I finally reached down, lifting up my travel bag, I started for the automatic doors that would lead me outside. Once there I hailed a cab and after my bag had been tossed into the trunk I slid into the back seat and gave the driver the address of Buffy's house.

I glanced out the window of the cab as the driver pulled the vehicle up to the curb outside the Summer's home. I slowly stepped out from the cab as the driver got my bag from the trunk, setting it down by my feet. After being paid, he got back into the cab and drove off down the street, leaving me standing alone at the curb.

It seemed so long ago that I had been here and I had to wonder if my friends would indeed welcome me back, they had not met me at the airport and I seriously wondered if perhaps that was a sign of the direction our friendship had taken. Sighing deeply I finally picked up my bag and started, what seemed like an endless walk, toward the house.

After a slow climb up the stairs I reached the door, hesitating a moment before a finger was lifted to the doorbell, pressing lightly on it, my hand slowly lowering to come to rest at my side as I took a step back from the door, waiting a bit anxiously now for someone to answer the bell.

(Open to those at the Summers' house - Xander, Dawn, Faith, Becca and Buffy when she returns.)
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