lack_of_cool (lack_of_cool) wrote in wearechosen,

Dawn, and surprisey goodness..I think at home

I got to the gym, and picked up the Dawnster. After all, no one likes Gym anyway right?

Buffy had something slayerish to do, and I figured I'd get it out of Dawn. She seemed kinda shaken though. Seems the school was given my name as someone who could pick her up, and the gym teacher didn't even question my being there.

"Let's go," I smiled, and we walked out to the car.

"I hope everything is okay. What's up?" She was somewhat quiet in the car. I wondered if Buffy told her not to tell. That'd be just like her, leaving the Xandman out of something if she thought I'd get hurt. HA! I run a construction company now, I can take almost anything. Except slugs. But there aren't that many slug demons around.

Didn't take long to get to the Summer's house. I parked and smiled at Dawn.

"So, should be raid the kitchen? Anything chocolate in there? I'm in the mood for some..." I trailed off, as I looked up at the porch.

"Were we expecting company," I said, my eyes on Faith. I got out of the car, and waited for Dawn before going anywhere near the porch. This, was unexpected. And maybe a bit scary. She only tried to kill me.

(we can continue here if you like: Open to Dawn, Becca, Faith, Xander, and whomever else ends up at the Summer's house)
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