William the Bloody (sired1880spike) wrote in wearechosen,
William the Bloody

Everything inside me...

Broken. Except for the spark. The spark's the only whole thing left. It's what's broken me. Funny that. I thought it would complete me. But no; it just burns and burns and there's no me left.

Except for the memories. Oh yes, Spike had been a naughty boy. I get reminded all the time of that. Dru waves her finger at me, laughing fondly. Don't you know you were meant to be wicked, Spike? It's in your nature. I saw it in you. Something glistening and effulgent.

Maybe I wasn't meant to be like a man.

I did it for... her. To be the kind of man who wouldn't... Who couldn't. But I feel more wicked than ever. All the things I've done weigh on me now. I remember the taste of their blood and tears and sweat, the sight of their cooling bodies. It's all so clear to me.

The Bit was here. Fragrant as a bloody rose. I wondered if I'd killed her. Only the dead crouch down with me in the dark. But I could hear her pulse. Soft and throbbing and I wanted to tear her throat out, but I don't. I care about her.

I think this is what I deserve. This punishment. Almost feel sorry for the crap I gave Angel. This is hell, he was right. Every day. And I earned it.

A noise in the darkness. A voice. Which of the dead have come to haunt me now?

((Open for Buffy once she's finished up with Xander and Dawn))
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