Faith (faithinherself) wrote in wearechosen,

I woke with a start as a twig cracked near my head. Jumping to my feet immediately, I brandished my stake at a vicious...squirrel. I blinked and looked around, trying to get my bearings. Really fast reflexes aren't that great when it takes your brain a while to catch up with them. I tucked my stake back into its hiding place as I put sunlight and vamps together and got zero. Where the hell was I?

Gradually my brain woke up and I remembered the craziness of the previous night, which had ended with me crashed out in this bush on the side of the road. A fairly deserted road, fortunately, or I might've been woken up by something a lot bigger than a squirrel. Though really, there's nothing like a dusting to get your day off on the right foot.

Not that this day could really have a right foot. I remembered where I'd been and where I was headed, not really loving the thought of either. I considered my options for half a second. Nope, no way in hell was I going back to the big house, especially not after those scarface dudes with the big-ass knives joined me behind bars. Could tell those guys were blind, though, since they hit every single one of the guards and not me. Unless that's what they meant...naaaaah.

I shrugged and started walking, automatically turning in the direction of what still felt like home base to me, Revello Drive. No way around it. B and the crew were eventually going to find out that I'd flown the coop, so I might as well get it over with. Wasn't expecting much of a welcome, since I sure as hell didn't deserve one. Not to mention they'd had their own share of shit to deal with. We did get newspapers in prison, and for whatever reason, I always checked the obits, which get their own damn section in Sunnyhell, so I knew about Joyce. Must've been rough for B and the junior Summers.

I stopped suddenly as I found myself outside the Summers place way sooner than I'd expected. Or maybe I'd just been lost in thought. Those thinking muscles get a lot of exercise in prison, where that's about all there is to do all day. Taking a deep breath and running my fingers through my hair, I raised my hand to knock on the door, paused, and let my fist hit the wood.

The deep breath whooshed out of me as, anticlimactically, no one answered. Well duh, Faith, it's the middle of the damn morning. Other people have lives. Frustrated, I sat down on the porch to wait.

((Open to Buffy and others whenever they get back to the house.))
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