Rupert Giles (oh_dear) wrote in wearechosen,
Rupert Giles


It was nice to be home again, even under these circumstances. I brought Willow here to not only learn from the coven, but to find her true self again. And hopefully help her understand that the magic is a part of who she is now, good and bad. That in all things, there is a balance. Something I had to learn a long time ago.

I rode my horse through my Devonshire property, and marveled, just a little, at the differences in beauty between Southern California, and England. The changes were many, yet both places were home. Though I was not to return to Sunnydale. At least, not for sometime. Willow, on the other hand, was to leave tomorrow.

I decided to ride down toward the coven, and see if Willow was about. They promised to teach her, but it was my job to "keep her in check", not that she really needed it. What pushed Willow before was grief. What pushes her now, is Willow. And the need to be loved, and return to those that love her. I know she's worried. I know she isn't sure they will be there for her. I believe that there is nothing that could make her friends leave her, under any circumstances. After all, I went back to Sunnydale to save her, though she believed I went to fight her at the time.

As I went down, over the fields, I thought I saw her, ahead of me on the path.

"Willow?" I called out.
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