lack_of_cool (lack_of_cool) wrote in wearechosen,

I'm an Adult

Well, at least, it looks like I'm one. I've got the suit, the car, and the job. What more can a man want? Anya. I pushed the name out of my mind.

Today was a big day. Dawnie was starting school at the new Hellmouth High, and I was working near-by on the library in case any of the old, literal ghosts, came on by. Buffy gave her a phone, and I have one, so we're all connected. It's odd, being the boss. I tell other people what to do. What would Cordelia say?

I have to admit, going over the blue-prints, I found it somewhat freaksome that the new Principal's office was directly over the old library, and so over the opening to Hell! I'm so not going to the zoo this year, not a chance. I don't want to be hyenaized again. Oh god, there better not be a field trip there this year. If there is, Dawnie is going to stay home sick, even if I have to sit on her.

Of course, one thing that kept running through my head (Anya) was Willow. I missed her. I mean, ok, she tried to kill us. But that was the grief. That wasn't her. Or at least, not all her. I mean, who hasn't tried to get their friends killed at least once? She's always been there, for as long as I can remember. And now, she isn't. I can't just call her every night to talk about what's on T.V. Well, not that I could for a while, there was Oz, then Tara, then the magick thing, then Tara again, then trying to destroy us all. But it's the thought that counts. I could have called her up. I still can I guess, but overseas calls? Not as cheap as you might think.

So I wait, and I miss her.

"Hey, Joe!" I yelled down to my Foreman, "Don't know if you noticed, but there are three guys playing dice around the side." Joe grimaced when he looked at me, and went to blister their ears. See, I'm the boss, I don't have to do that anymore.

But, I do stand here, and watch. Help when needed. And worry.
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