Willow (simply_a_witch) wrote in wearechosen,

Devon, England

Slowly the bud of a flower poked through the dirt, inching its way from beneath up toward the sunlight, the green bud peeling back slowly and soon a colorful, purple, full bloomed flower was before me. It still a bit amazing to me how all things of the earth are connected, that I could have summoned forth a flower here in England that only can be found in the land of Paraguay.

As I took slowly to my feet, the beautiful purple flower slowly pulled itself back into the earth, in less then a moment it had disappeared from sight, as if it had never been seen. I continued the walk I had been on, so many thoughts going through my mind. Thoughts of what I had done, of my beloved Tara and of those back in Sunnydale. I am not really sure how they will accept me, will they accept my presence back in Sunnydale and will they have that fear I feel from those of the coven here, that they will be afraid when I am around of what I might do to any of them. I sometimes wish I could remain here in Devon at the coven, but then facing my fears was one of the things I was taught was not something that you could run from and my staying here would be just that. As much as I feared facing my friends again, I knew it was something that had to be done.

My steps were slow and casual as I turned and started the walk back toward the main buildings of the coven. I needed to pack the few things I had with me as I was to leave this place tomorrow, I would miss the peacefulness and tranquillity this place brought to me, but my departure from here could not be put off any longer.
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