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Life, or my lack there of

Work seems to be my life at the moment. The new highschool isn't quite finished, so it's a constant source of work. And I do enjoy being the supervisor. Xander in charge, who'd have thought?

But there is still the worries. Something is coming, and it's something bad. And I don't mean Faith, she's already here. We haven't heard anything from Giles for weeks, and to me, that seems strange. He checked in at least once a week. And he said Willow had to come home, but that she wasn't done.

What's that about? I mean, I love Willow and I trust her completely, but part that involves just a little worry. After all, she's been my best friend forever. And I don't want to lose that.

Buffy's been acting just a little odd. She won't say why though. It's worrisome. But then again, would it be life in Sunnydale without worry? Not a chance.

Time to head back to the house, and see what's up.
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Rhia and were both standing on the doorstep, waiting to see if Buffy or Dawn or whoever else apparently lived in that house would open the door. I heard the sound of a car parking and turned to see the guy who'd been here yesterday getting out. Xander, that was his name, I think. I guess short for Alexander? In England he would have been called Alex. But Californians are known for being kooky I guess.

"Hi," I said shyly. "Um, this is my... friend Rhia." I gestured towards her, feeling self-conscious because she was all put together and I was wearing a lame t-shirt. "Rhia, this is Xander."
I turned around as I heard a car door slam shut and Becca turned to face the guy coming up the steps. Nobody opened the door - guess no one was home. Arms crossed over my chest, I eyed the guy as Becca spoke.

"Hi, Xander," I flashed a brief smile at him and waved a little to be more friendly, then turned to look at the house. "Nobody home, then?"

I hate feeling out of the loop. It's such a helpless feeling and I hate it. Becca seemed to know everyone here already, and be situated somewhat. I was still so lost. All the pretty clothes in the world wouldn't change the way I felt. So... uncomfortable. Not a way I felt often. Not a way I like to feel.
"Luckily girls, I have a key." I grinned, feeling as though I couldn't have said a dorkier thing.

"So, nice to meet you both."

I gave them the ol' Xander smile that could both knock a girl out of her socks and repell another. I was hoping for the former. Once the door was open, I held it: "After you, ladies."
I smiled back. Couldn't help it. Xander was just really friendly. Kind of guy I could see would be a good friend.

"So, you have a key? Do you live here, or just housesit a lot?" I smiled at him. "Oh, maybe you're Buffy's boyfriend!" I said, realising that maybe that made sense and I'd made a faux pas. I didn't think he was Willow's boyfriend since I got a slight... vibe from her. Not playing for the boys' team, anyway.
I went a little red. "Nope, the Buffster and I are just friends. I quit trying to be anything else years ago." I laughed, realizing I was saying too much.

"I'm just here. Most of the time. Sometimes, I think I pay rent for storage on my stuff." I closed the door.

"So, what can I do for you too?" I rubbed my hands together, ready to get my hands...uh...dirty.
"We're not supposed to move the body!"

I'd tried - and failed - all day, to motivate myself into doing something. Had got off the couch a couple of times only to find my stomach lurching and my head spinning and the words that I'd heard about Giles that morning replaying in my mind.

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Ms. Summers..."

"There really is no chance that anyone survived."

I closed my eyes. It was too hard. It had barely been two years since we'd buried my mother and now Giles? He'd always been like a father to me - to Dawn, ever since Dad had decided not to care. And now--

I heard the door open and quickly swiped at the tears that had slipped down my cheeks, getting off the couch. "Oh, maybe you're Buffy's boyfriend!"

Blinking, I stepped into the hallway, vaguely recognising the girl's voice but not sure from where.

Xander. I forgot all about the boyfriend comment and stared at him for a moment. He knew something was up - he'd seen the sombre-look-ala-Buffy too many times not to recognise it.

"I need to talk to you." I said quietly. "Somewhere that's not-- Here."
Something was wrong, she didn't look okay. Instead, she when Joyce died.

Oh god, not Willow.

"Girls', if you'll excuse us? Buffy and I need to talk. Make yourselves at home."

What happened now....

"Where do you want to go?"
I eye the blonde girl as she steps into the hallway, then turns around and walks away. Xander follows her. She doesn't acknowledge Becca or me, but I quickly file the details of her appearance into my mind. Nice clothes, no lack of taste there, and she was small, barely taller than me. This was the great Buffy?

Oh, yes, I feel so well protected now.

I exchange a look with Becca. "Something tells me I shouldn't be here right now," I say softly. I can have tact when I need to. I just usually tend to ignore it. But this is a little more serious here.

"And she's supposed to look after us?" I look after Buffy and Xander, eyebrows raised. "I think there's some issue here we're not privy to."
"Yeah," I said thoughtfully, chewing my lip. There were bad vibes coming off Buffy, and that made me worried. After all, she is like fifty times stronger than me, and if she's scared -

I should be terrified.

"Um, well, we're here now, so let's stay. I don't think it's ever going to be a good time for us, so we'll have to make the best of it."

I walked into the sitting room. I think Buffy and Xander went into the kitchen. I sat on the sofa. It was nice and squishy, but I still didn't feel comfortable. Too much weird stuff going on.
I followed Becca into the sitting room and lowered myself to the sofa next to her. It was still awkward. Buffy seemed weirded out by something, and if she was nervous, I should be terrified. Not a good sign, really, not at all.

I crossed my legs and rested my elbows on my knees, chewing on my thumbnail. I needed a manicure. Funny how I haven't even thought about that in days. I've ripped my nails to shreds. Apocalypse or no, I can't be walking around with nails like this. As soon as we get this business with Buffy straightened out, I'm finding a nail salon immediately.

And then yelling at the post office so they'd get me my things quicker. A girl can only live so long with one outfit. Even if it's a really nice outfit. I glanced over at Becca. At least I'm not wearing a touristy Sunnydale shirt. I have really got to take that girl out sometime.

Rhiannon Talbot, doing charity work, who knew? I shrugged, almost to myself. I quite liked Becca, surprisingly. Life's funny like that, throws you in with the strangest people and makes you like them.

"Wonder what they're up to in there," I say softly. "Maybe we should... listen closely." Meaning eavesdrop.